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 Eyebrow Microblading And Permanent Makeup Services
And Permanent Makeup Trainings in Milwaukee

Our artist Melissa here at Wow Brows MKE has been perfecting her permanent makeup techniques for 7 years now, she is trained and certified in advanced permanent makeup techniques including Eyebrow Microblading and shading, lip blush, eyeliner, and saline tattoo removal. She also is an instructor and teaches trainings to new and experienced artists for all of her techniques. Microblading is a tattoo procedure that involves creating hairlike strokes of pigment throughout the brows. Shading is a technique that involves using a machine to create tiny pixels of pigment, and by combining both Microblading and shading, we have the service called Combo Brows. These services are life changing for people wanting to correct thin, uneven, unshapely, or sparse eyebrows. The results are very natural, defined, beautiful eyebrows. The pigment will gradually fade and should be retouched every 1-3 years. For more information on our services, please click hereFor more information, on our trainings, please click here.

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You are interested in permanent makeup, you are excited and scared and have so many questions, right? This is totally normal and hopefully I can answer some of those questions for you right here. 
Once you have looked over my website, checked out my Bio and Recent Work, and you have made the decision to book your appointment with me, here is some more information on what to expect:
You come in for your appointment which will last about two and a half hours. You fill out a New Client Form and head into the procedural room. We will discuss your goals, you are welcome to show me photos and have make-up filled in to show me what you like as well, or not, if you are struggling to figure out what you want to achieve, I can definitely help with that. I will then map out a shape for you, focusing on creating a design that is symmetrical, fits your facial structure, and meets your goals. We can then make any adjustments to the shape at your request. Once we have settled on the perfect shape for you, I will numb your brows, pick out your pigment color, and begin the procedure. I use a small tool to create hair strokes of pigment throughout the brow. If you opt for Combo Brow, I will also use a machine to create shading. I will send you home with aftercare ointment and instructions including things to avoid during healing. You will want to set up your appointment on a date that gives you at least two weeks before any important social events or vacations that involve water sports. Also keep in mind, your fresh brows should be protected from the sun for 30 days. For about the first 5-10 days of healing, there may be some swelling, bruising, darkening of pigment, scabbing and peeling. After the scabbing phase, your brows will be much lighter and softer and you will be able to resume normal exercise, showering, brow makeup, etc. Permanent Makeup is a two-step process. You will come back for the retouch session in 6-8 weeks. At this session, we will perfect the brows even more, and make any adjustments to the shape, size and color, and reinforce the pigment. This session takes about 1.5 hours. The brows will gradually fade and should be retouched every 1-3 years. Please check out my About session to see more frequently asked questions answered. 

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Hello! I am Melissa, owner and artist of Wow Brows MKE. A little about me, I am passionate about inner and outer beauty, holistic healing, plant-based lifestyle, crafting, drawing, painting and animals. I am a mother to two amazing little girls, ages 3 and 7.   
I began my permanent makeup journey in 2016 by flying out to San Diego, California to train with the famous artist Kim Zen. I then went on to open my business and I have worked with hundreds of clients since. I have also completed several advanced training programs over the years. I am a Board Certified Tattooist through the State of Wisconsin. I also have developed and teach training courses to new and experienced artists.
I love what I do. I love the art aspect involved in creating beautiful permanent makeup tailored to each client, it makes a days work so satisfying.  Seeing my client's reactions and learning how enhancing someone's features can really change their life is the ultimate reward.
Your quest to find an Artist can be a stressful time. My advice to you is to find an artist who is properly licensed, trained and insured and whose work you love, from every angle. Permanent Makeup is not easy and therefore should only be performed by someone experienced and with extreme attention to detail, patience, and an eye for art. Please take a look at my recent work when deciding if I am a good fit for you. Please follow me on Facebook and Instagram as they are updated most frequently.     

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